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April 18, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Skills for Novice Policy Debaters

How to flow (Backflowing, What is most important to flow, Flowing hacks)

Cross Ex (Purpose of Cross Ex, Close vs. Open, Decision Tree)

Aff & Neg Strategy (the advantages of being aff & neg–times, evidence, etc…)

Impact Comparison
Evidence Comparison

Ethics & Social Contract & American Government
Economics Arguments in Debate
Politics Arguments in Debate

Extending arguments in the block (theory/critique/disads/counterplans & on case)

Topicality (also FX & Extra-topicality)
Specification (A-spec, O-spec, Enforcement spec, A-Z spec)
Theory, Theory, Theory (Offense & Defense, Filters/Comparisons, Voting issue)

Fundamentals of argument
Fundamentals of persuasion

Skills to improve
• Articulation & expressiveness
• Flowing
• Warrant finding & identification
• Evidence extension
• Offense in the 2ac
• Analytical arguments versus the 1nc & Advantages (go through each one)
• Analytical arguments versus the DAs
What are the core impact areas?
What are the core solvency mechanisms?
What are the tricks?
Why is the US key?
What are the key ethics arguments?
What are the underviews?
What are my routes to winning?
What is the nexus question?
What are their strengths and weaknesses? What arguments will they be making in the 2ac and 2ar?


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