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April 18, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Literatures relevant to policy debate

• Critical thinking
• Debate
• Persuasion
• Rhetoric

• Public policy
• Philosophy (ethics)
• Social science
• Communication Studies
• Anthropology
• Theory at various levels

• Coaching/Leadership/Self-improvement/Self-development

• Successful Intelligence, Robert Sternberg (concluding chapter & the problem solving chapter. This problem solving chapter is a little more advanced)
• Creativity by Chik. There are probably 3 chapters in here worth checking out.
• Five Minds for the Future–not the best IMHO (especially when compared with Creativity….which is clearer & contains more interesting bios–likewise Successful Intelligence is more comprehensive–although it doesn’t really overlap much).
• Integrative Thinking (optional) perhaps a chapter….about paradox.
• How to Read a Book by Mortimer J Adler (perhaps there are other similar articles)
• Logical Fallacies
• Thoreau/Emerson (?)
• Founding Fathers
• Mortimer J Adler (a little on the simple side, perhaps–his Great Idea series might be interesting)
• The Classics: Aristotle, Plato, & Socrates (Epicitus ?)
• Classics of Enlightenment & American philosophy
• Read 3 quality law review articles
• Read 3 quality speeches (American Rhetoric or Gift of Speech)
• Read 3 quality pieces of Congressional testimony
• Read old debate files. Particularly classic ones (i.e. impact files).
• Hayek/Ayn Rand/perhaps Milton Friedman and Machan. Perhaps others.
• Read a number of different worldviews….(feminism, race theory/immigrant/priviledge,)
• Read classic rhetoricians

Dive down into one area…and read 5 articles on each side. Could use Congressional Quarterly or Controversial Issues (???).

• Individual and the Political Order
• Philosophy textbook (preferably Solomon)
• Coaching literature/Positivity literature/Success literature/Talent is Overrated (a chapter or two)


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