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April 18, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Getting ready for debate on the negative

1. Reading the 1acs & the files (particularly the negative files) ***
2. Writing frontlines to advantages
3. Writing frontlines to solvency
4. Writing frontlines to specific pieces of evidence
5. Having a strategy sheet
6. Knowing what pieces of evidence you are going to read ***

When I was growing up Marilee Dukes would say, “Debates are won and lost in the library.”

There are 4 places debates are won and lost:
1. The Actual Debate
2. Practice debates
3. Preparation & strategy ****
4. Library/reading/researching

You want to focus 80/20 on the most important issues.

Why is underlining a file important? Understand, criticize, & reflect. This is a bit like intel work during war. Know thy enemy.
Why is being prepared important? They’ve spent probably 6 to 12 hours with this affirmative at a minimum. You have to get up to speed.

Principle #1: Know thyself.
Principle #2: Know thy enemy.
Principle #3: Preparation/Out-prepare your enemy/Out-think your enemy
Principle #4: Focus
Principle #5: Begin with the End in Mind/Think Like Chess/Think Like Your Enemy


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