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April 16, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

What are the types of performance in debate

1) the speech act itself (the manifesto or rant)
2) story–which speaks to a metaphor in the topic or the questions the topic brings up
3) dialouge between 2 debaters on one side (usually like a play)
4) rap/hip hop (this is usually recorded music)
5) poetry (generally voices the emotional or visceral aspects of the topic–but often speaks to injustices and rights). I’ve also seen people read poetry about time/speed….to answer a delay counterplan-like argument.
6) video or visual images (as I recall Binghamton did this with their factory farms affirmative & animal rights)
7) video of individuals who are interviews (ie people who have been effected by the front-line effects of a bad policy). I guess you could call this ethnography. A team from Fullerton in California did this in college several years back.

While this is often across the political spectrum in terms of philosophy–much of what I have seen is grounded in identity politics–the idea that our personal identities matter very much about a] who we are as human beings b] our perspectives & assumptions.

Minority viewpoints often don’t get the power or acknowledgment or eyeballs and ears they might deserve. These projects serve to give them a platform in the context of debate–a place at the table–and a place in the civic marketplace & political debates. (this is partially from the feminist literature….but you find strains of it in critical race theory as well–and then the philosophy/politics/identity literature since)

Usually, instead of typical solvency–they read evidence about how changing our language/respresentations/assumptions can create real change in the world.



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