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April 8, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Weird or nuanced strategies versus hegemony bad

Note: this is not one of my best posts…but given that hege is such an important position….it may be worth thinking about…

Most relations arguments are hege bad in another form. Some are more soft-power bad. (this would also include hege tradeoff arguments–including those in which US hege displaces international and regional solutions like ASEAN. Although i’m not sure what the corresponding examples are in terms of space exploration & development)

The other hege bad position might be foreign politics (ie Japan elections or German elections).

Obviously most K arguments are likewise hege bad args. For instance, Nayar or Global/local is one.

One other way might be using your existing hegemony bad position, but with an advantage counterplan to solve some nation or argument you have a problem with.
You could object fiat China to do something–to solve for the chinese hege story. This is quite abusive, however and the aff will potentially have decent blocks for object of the resolution fiat.

Obviously you could also counterplan for uniqueness–at the moment I’m not sure why you would do this given that the uniqueness problem is created by hegemony itself (ie its overstretch–increased commitments/misssions and increased budget cutting). Also, if they are running hege as a position–it isn’t likely that they would claim uniqueness presses in the 2ac (because it would erode their own position)–but its not inconceivable.

There might also be a way to say hege good…but space hege bad. This seems pretty difficult given that there are likely to be spillover arguments in both areas.

I’ve never seen it done…but perhaps hege good……but hege bad NOW or in this particular situation.


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