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April 2, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Logical Fallocies….

Here is an interesting presentation from the University of Colorado on logical fallocies (although it only deals with about 8, near the end of the presentation). You can view it in PDF form here. Also, here is a 2 page list of 10 logical fallacies from the same program at the University of Colorado here.

You should be able to find a decent video on YouTube or a presentation on about logical fallocies which can be helpful for breaking down arguments.


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  1. Nathan Ketsdever / Apr 14 2012 2:00 am

    Aristotle’s 13 fallacies:

    • Either/or (all right or all wrong). This can be helpful in argument construction, however.
    • Ignoring continuum
    • Static representations of reality
    • Vague representations of reality (language)
    • Problems with “theories of everything”
    • Causal fallacies
    • Division & composition
    • Naturalistic fallacy
    • Irrelevant proof

    Fairly extensive list:

    Other argument resources:

    This list is fairly extensive:

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