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March 31, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

What is the art of debate?

1. Passion of learning. The passion of ideas. The passion of innovation. (Asking questions & researching–although researching doesn’t have to be all at the library). Its the magic of language. The magic of rhetoric. [see also sign & signified]
2. Attention to details. (ie contemplating the situation, the research, & the judge)
3. Drawing out distinctions & details and impacting those distinctions (and otherwise prioritizing those distinctions).
4. Critical thinking/integrative thinking
5. Painting a picture

Attention to reasons/qualifications, details, context, and interpretation

Focus on relevant details

Determining, finding, and focusing on the relevant details. What determines relevance?

Art of debate
1. Credibility due to understadning, explanation, and storytelling (integration)
2. Rhetoric & style
3. Execution & elucition
4. Vision & mission

Bitzers Rhetorical Situation

Our default situation
1. Brainstorm
2. Research
3. Integrate & Focus
4. Plan

1. Values, Priorities, Relevance
2. Agents & stakeholders
3. Metaphors & frames (is Africa an emergency? Is it our crisis? Is it part of the war against terror? Bono TED) Where does it fit in history?
4. Impacts

Each public policy should achieve Advantage + Decreased Problem (?)


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