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March 30, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

How can you out think your opponents in policy debate?

Outthinking your opponents in policy debate:
1) Better problem solving & decision making tools
2) Better research or more targeted research or better depth of understanding of the research you have (what is our specialty/our strength)
3) Filtering signal & noise (important versus crap–the credible from the laughable)
4) Attention/Time (including reading the literature, the files, and thinking with the end in mind & about the different scenarios).
5) What would I say? What would they say? Whats the best scenario for their refutation? What are the arguments available? (generally by type…and then more specific).
6) More experience & quality feedback.
7) Turning attention into full-scale preparation (with ready to go strategies). Why ready to go strategies?
8] better integration of strategy–thats kinda thinking like a web–but very contextually on a micro level (???) better spreading deep during the debate
9) Organizational efficiency from top to bottom. (note: this isn’t a thinking strategy….but helps you execute better)
10) at the highest levels they 80/20 on the important stuff.
11) thinking beyond policy making & debate context. using multiple fields of thought (literally outside the box)
12) Creative counterplans & add-on advantages (perhaps using surprise a bit too)

When teams make strategy decisions they generally pick one of three criteria–you can use this too to help you make decisions:
1) What I’m good at
2) What the other team is bad at
3) What the judge wants/likes/prefers
4) What the literature suggests
5) What minimizes time commitment (research & in round)


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