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March 21, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Thinking about how uniqueness arguments can be strategic

Sometimes uniqueness evidence does two other things:
1) projects out into the future (ie there is an agreement to balance our spending or say CBO projections about the budget deficit declining over time)
2) sometimes the uniqueness helps shape the overall story–either contributing to the brink (now is the key time) or the link story–you break the current budget agreement–which potentially opens up the floodgates.
3) you can also use the uniqueness to frame/deflect certain types of uniquness claims by the aff…..

It may be best to hold those economy uniqueness cards back (but not necessarily–it depends on how much you want to reveal AND what you plan on going for).
1) You want to move the debate to an impact turn debate… might want to read the econ uniqueness. Although to be honest….I’m not sure most 2acs are that agile…..or they are over-confident in their own economy uniqueness.
2) Its easier just to read an economy uniqueness wall in the block–do know that you don’t want to overdo it–or at least be ready for the affirmative to concede and say “uniqueness overwhelms the link”

The other way to generate uniqueness–or make it less an issue:
1) counterplan
2) disad turns the case
3) case turns
4) offense/defense
5) comparisons of the link level versus the actual size. Or distinctions about perception.
6) overall impact comparison & credibility
7) ethical claims/must reject
8) Linear link–or an each and every link
9) multiple levels of uniqueness (world economy, US economy, spending levels/future spending levels)–you probably need a story to explain how you view this working. This works with politics disad….on issues of Obama political capital versus issue specific uniqueness. Issue specific uniqueness usually wins the day if the negative can explain this argument (especially with a counterplan).

The 4 most effective however to make uniqueness less relevant:
1) counterplan that solves 99% of the case + offense
2) disad turns the case (or otherwise making the case debate mute)
3) distinctions about offense & defense
4) winning the uniqueness debate


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