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March 16, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Answering plan inclusive critiques in policy debate

The critique alternative does all or part of the plan. Usually its 99 to 100% of the plan.

How to beat it:
1) Theory-unfair, etc..
2) Impact turn & alt doesn’t solve–mostly impact turns
3) Framework–although this is challenging–most teams will say your framework argument is another link to their K (racism, sexism, or dehumanization). I happen to like the joyner argument (which is about debate on international law in law school class–a very apt model of what “traditional” policy debate is and the value it provides). You may like the Alan Coverstone argument…or some other argument.
4) Permutation
5) The K links to itself (rare) or the neg links to the K (far more likely) implicated with fairness arguments, no solvency to the K argument, and voting issue.
6) Conditional/dispositional K alternatives abuse–particularly given that its an issue of advocacy–the impact its their impact and their lack of commitment to it & trust in it (so even if they go for it–the initial attempt was dispositional).
7) Violent transition to their alternative or elite backlash. Often their DAs will provide impacts for the transition (ie economy DA for the capitalism K or a hege DA impact of Khalilizhad when they are running a state bad/power bad position on the K). This overlaps a bit with #5 in initial premise–the type of impact is RADICALLY different.

In cross ex–go after how it solves parts of the aff–that your aff say have to be solved with government, technology, and power.

Make them deal with the harsh realities that their K links or alternative would do away with important aspects of our world.
Think of what the world would look like in the world of their alternative.


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