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February 25, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Part II: Debating the Economy on the Economic Infrastructure High School Debate Topic

Someone on suggested “I doubt that economy oriented cases will be popular next year, and think cases that do have economy advantages will have better and more nuanced links than stimulus spending.”

I disagree for these reasons:
1. the MASSIVE size of the literature base is hard to ignore (the internal links & debate will potentially make for good debates on both sides)
2. It will be hard to ignore it. If you didn’t run it…..people would still run econ disads (setting up yourself to win those debates in the 1ac = key)
3. the ability to pre-empt the capitalism kritic, which should be popular is nice
4. economy is also a nice way to deal with the counterplan/politics debate (to both pre-empt and access impacts–as well as a multiplier for the solvency deficit to the counterplan)
5. also, unless you run a K aff….you’re likely going to have to do economy updates anyway (might as well get some mileage out of them).
6. the current economic recovery (combined with moderate risk on the horizon via Greece, Europe in general, and real estate means that we are in a try or die story with respect to the economy for the aff)

The key areas of the economy debate on the transportation infrastructure debate topic:
1. Competitiveness
2. Stimulus/jobs
3. Signal to markets (ie Wall Street, etc…) or perhaps even venture capital
4. Manufacturing base/Factory location in US vs. overseas
5. There is also the immigration debate both ways.
6. The Waste/Bubble/Bureaucracy/Corruption debate
7. Relations debate (Europe, China, Japan, etc…) Although our Middle East relations may not be so good for green affs (ie that reduce oil dependency).
8. Oil dependency
9. Industry specific scenarios who need our roads improved (trucking, transportation) [on the flip side perhaps even an airline tradeoff] ****
10. Region specific scenarios (Texas, California, Florida, etc…). These will also be links in the politics/elections debate.
11. Other impact debates: terrorism, environment, soft power/leadership/signal, and Hegemony (the original reasons we built the highway system, ironic given Eisenhowers stance against the military industrial complex). As well as the elections & politics internals.

Narrowing the focus on the economy debates:
I think the debate in terms of this advantage on the initial level, though will likely be based on
1. stimulus/jobs
2. US competitiveness
3. industry specific scenarios (tourism, trucking, manufacturing base, etc…)
4. region specific improvements (Florida, Texas, California, etc…)

Being ready to roll on the debates for #1 is pretty important—and it sets up the waste/free market distortion debate. You can read my earlier strategic assessment for economy on the upcoming infrastructure topic here.


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