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January 15, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

Ramblings about how to answer Fasching

Also, arguments which speak to micro-political violence & creating an alternative that does the aff but excludes satellites, government, or technology (pick one of the 3).
The aff does anticipate this strategy–it has an argument that you need to include government to check genocide–but the critique really answers that back.

They are also in a double-bind–they can’t both claim this genocide evidence and say we don’t advocate government.
I think running a backlash argument of some sort makes a lot of sense.

My guess is they have some critiques of PoMo/Foucault or even micro-p they are packing–but at least it will make for an interesting debate.

You could also impact turn with:
Surveillance bad. Particularly given that we supposedly don’t like the aliens now, the surveilance will only create a mentality of control-over. I think the backlash argument serves to ensure that their link turns don’t solve.


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