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January 10, 2012 / compassioninpolitics

What separates great debaters from mediocre debaters?

1. Out prepare the opposition (to me this is frontlines and thinking through the arguments at a deeper level. how can I improve this argument?)
2. Out think & do the opposition
3. Out fundamental the opposition (this is not speed drills, its more rebuttal re-dos & learning the fundamentals of argument)
4. Out intelligence the opposition (general knowledge about what people are running, general knowledge of authors)
5. A mindset of constant improvement & resilience that keeps its “eyes on the prize” of being a better human being.
6. They change the game to their strengths. They work with partners who complement them personally and debate-wise.
7. They learn the art of judge adaptation
8. They enjoy the community experience of debate.

This isn’t just spending a ton of time on debate…its spending time efficiently.


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