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December 2, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

Six ways to help your less experienced debate partner

I make 6 key recommendations in un-even partnerships:
1. this makes it critical to have 2ac blocks. Every single argument. Once you do 2 or 3, this gets much much easier. (Remember to focus on offense)
2. this makes it critical to have a generic negative strategy against the core areas of the topic (SPS, military affs, etc..) Or whatever is common in your area.
3. you need find our what your partners strengths are now…..and you need to help develop your partners strengths. (this helps determine what they will be going for in the 1NR).
4. I went card by card through the 1nc evidence against my case with my 1ar so that if they had to answer the arguments, they would know the core arguments. Additionally, this can help you talk through the types of arguments you are dealing with (at a more abstract level).
5. I would also go card by card through the 1ac focusing on strengths & weaknesses….and what some of your response might be to the weaknesses. Obviously you want to highlight your 3 to 4 go to solvency cards.
6. Gradual improvement and educational process over time. (impact comparison, strategy, finding warrants, etc…)

Getting your ideas out on paper means your partner have time to familiarized themselves with the argument & think about the arguments. You can also highlight what you think about the evidence & arguments (strengths & weaknesses) and allows you to get feedback from them.

Have a bias toward action–getting front lines done, etc…

That…and patience with the learning process of your partner.


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