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October 31, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

32 types of policy debate arguments

This focuses on policy style arguments–particularly responses to disadvantage and case arguments. However, it can be applied.

1. Link turn
2. Impact turn
3. We solve the disad (at the link, internal link, or impact level)–usually involved a cross application
4. Add-on advantage
5. Impact comparison- risk, timeframe, scope/size of impact/we subsume (also we access your impact)
6. K of Disad-both on the K & assumptive level

7. Context
8. Reframe/spin

9. Evidence comparison-author cred, source cred, data/warrant
10. Counter-intuitive (human psychology 101, economics 101, and history 101)
11. X checks this back, or X inevitably solves this (usually a systematic feature of government or international politics–see also feedback loops)
12. Even-if
13. Try or die
14. Double-turn (another version of “you too” with unique implications)
15. Links to status quo/You too/links to counterplan/links to critique

16. No link- (also no perception link or would be perceived as education policy, not social services)
17. No impact
18. Underspecificity/Hypergeneric vs. Over-specificity
19. No scenario-specificity comparison or an impact takeout
20. No internal Link
21. Bad assumptions/Theory says no (disad is methodologically flawed)
22. Logical fallacy-most common is probably slippery slope (but this argument is used rather infrequently)
23. No brink/no threshold

24. Empirically denied/History is on our side
25. Uniqueness overwhelms the link
26. Non-unique- (can occur at link, internal link, or impact level)
27. Cyclical uniqueness [there is a better way to frame this argument]
28. Predictive uniqueness [ie. this link will be triggered in the near future–sometimes this is cyclical–ie “27 sats go up a year”]

29. DA collapses on itself (close example is the immigration da with economy uniqueness)
30. DA assumes something else
31. Non-intrinsic
32. Normal means is X

Politics type arguments have additional arguments.


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