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August 20, 2011 / compassioninpolitics

How to answer affirmative critique teams on the space exploration debate topic (2011 to 2012)

1. Paul Manns Stupid Underground has some interesting arguments. The name of his other article escapes me.
I think you can read it without an alternative.
2. Oh….Empire K is another argument. (I’m not a fan of this argument, but I think it can function as takeouts…..)
3. Commodification (various flavors of this). Protesters turn into mercedes marxists & yuppies. Protest movements get commodified as the latest craze. Its based on history of movement politics.
4. The other options are micro-political still = speaking for others…..and depending on how they run it (Alcoff is the author) Various forms of essentialism or victimhood or images of suffering bad. (This line of argument seems hard for me to identify with, but perhaps its viable).
5. Normativity (or other versions of Schlag’s thesis….Phrenology or one of his other articles)
6. Power Vacuum or Realism. Tons of authors make this argument. Rorty among others. Nial Fergusson (hege author).
7. Elites Backlash. This is a way to get more traction from #6, but serves as a decent arg. The only perspective I know this comes from is a feminist one, but its empirically proven if you look at how police crack down on protesters with tear gas & put them in prison. Others die or are disappeared.
8. You can run the “I” counterplan to solve the case and run government disads to the plan text. Jim George as the author.
9. You might be able to make Nayar Global/Local. I remember having a version of this which answered performative type teams. It may be possible to use this instead of Jim George as the net benefit to the “I” counterplan.
10. Ks of representations are killers for critical affirmatives.
11. Multi-dimensionality or priviledge (doesn’t link this year almost at all….unless they talk about minorities).
12. Rights Malthus. Power good to save the environment and avoid scarcity enduced extinction. (this links hard into Foucault biopower, but who cares, its an impact turn). You have to win the “reps” debate still. (or say enemies, materialism, techno-power good with other impact turns from other files).


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