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May 15, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

Debate Skills and Arguments

Debate Skills

1) Writing Strategic Affirmatives

2) Flowing

3) Researching (Online/Book)

4) Cutting Articles (also briefing debate “cards”)

5) Debate Organization

6) Debate Workflow

7) Finding Warrants/Comparing Warrants

8] Impact Comparison/Ev Comparison/Risk + Link Comparison

9) Negative strategy

10) Creativity (Brainstorming/Freewriting)

11) Cross examination (asking and answering)

12) Flowing (flow hacks, computer flowing, tricks for flowing…)

13) Negative block strategy

14) Final Rebuttal Strategies and Tactics (2NR, 2AR)

15) Writing front lines and second lines. (quick and longer version)

16) Background on the current topic. Topic specific strategies. (the mechanisms too)

17) Argumentative tropes (how to beat arguments…)

18) Elements of Persuasion

19) Judge adaptation (thinking like a judge)

20) Competitive intelligenc (wiki, cites,

21) Improve your debate skills (aka winning more) (watching great debaters and reverse engineering what they do best–doing the same with other persuasive speakers)


Debate Argument Background:
1) Advantages on the topic

2) Hegemony

3) Economy

4) Warming

5) Species

6) Soft Power

7) Democracy

8] Malthus/Overpopulation

9) Racism

10) Feminism

11) Ethics (Utility vs. Deontology)

12) Basic critique debates (capitalism, foucault, representations)

13) Technology

14) Federalism/States/Decentralization

15) Terrorism (Conventional, Biological, Chemical, Nuclear)

16) AIDS/Disease

17) China

18) NATO

19) “Rogue States”: North Korea and Iran

20) NMD (National Missile Defense)


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  1. compassioninpolitics / May 18 2010 3:17 am

    I’ve created this as a list of basic skills that novices and JV debaters should be introduced to relatively soon. Of course on the issues of evidence comparison and impact comparison even varsity could use some work.

    You might even assign some of the more senior members of the team to give some of the lectures on argument specific tasks to the novices.

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