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May 14, 2010 / compassioninpolitics

Short Recommendations for New Coaches

Tips for Gathering Evidence:
I assume you know about the Open Evidence Project (once more camps are completed), so getting camp evidence shouldn’t be a problem. (whatever camp evidence isn’t on there, you can perhaps ask or trade for on Cross-x) The main updates you need after that are politics updates, econ updates, and specific negative case hits. Having econ updates is incredibly helpful, especially in the 2ac. You can decrease the amount of research you have to do on econ + politics by deciding to impact turn (or critique disads). I would opt for the former.

Break down the topic into its component parts and write case negatives.

Break the learning process into digestable nuggets for students. You only need to make the lessons 5 to 25 minutes and then have a drill/activity where they get to use the skills.

Tips for Strategy/Training/Education:

What skills do debaters need? Generally the names of topic lectures are helpful.
-tagging evidence
-analyzing evidence (what makes good evidence?)
-impact comparison
-evidence comparison
-answering disads
-answering critiques (use a couple examples from the topic)

I suggest making a digital place to aggregate:
• debate education/training (text + links to the best online resources)
• the best articles on the topic
• resources for the topic (ie the think tanks, etc)
• could also serve as a place to brainstorm + collaborate.

All of the following options are free: Wiki (wikispaces, wetpaint, social text are all good) , blog (wordpress is my preference) , ning network, or I guess you could use google docs.

Debate learning.
-tournament 20%
-practice round 20%
-research/cutting evidence/reading and bracketing 40$
-lecture/brainstorming 20%

(Practice rounds should be WAY more than 10%)


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